Immigration Matters Inc.

Software & Technology


Custom Software
We can meet with you to evaluate your procedures and workflow and design software to your specifications. Off-the-shelf software rarely fits the needs of every company. Let us help you customize yours!

Office Automation
Our company employs the expertise of independent contractors, as well as our back office in India, to engineer creative solutions that maximize efficiency, while maintaining the character that your clients identify with your company.

Company Branding & Marketing
We advise you on your company's image and methods for strengthening that image among your target audience.

Online Services
Whether you are an international household name or a mom-&-pop shop on Main Street, customers are looking for you online, and today's digital native expects access to certain services. We help you put these to the best use of your company and your client.

Social Media Support
Think you don't need a Facebook page if you have a website - or vise versa? Think again! They are not mutually exclusive and each can build your following - and your clientele - in complementary ways. We help you make the best use of the most appropriate social media outlets without overlaps or gaps in crucial information.
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  • Chat Rooms
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Podcasts
  • Teleconferences
  • eNewsletters
  • RSS Feeds
  • YouTube
  • Video
  • Audio
Websites, brochures and other promotional media that use stock photos tend to look very generic. If you want the character of your company to shine, little will do as much for you as quality, original photographs!

A brief, well-produced video that describes your business, demonstrates your product, or showcases your passion can do more in a few minutes - or seconds - than an ad in a major newspaper or magazine. We can help you script and produce a strong message.

Operations and System Processes
We can help to increase your company's efficiency by examining your internal procedures and thereby eliminating lag and waste. A sound business, no matter how profitable, can only gain by increasing efficiency.